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11 August 2014

Working under https-proxy

by Zamir

  1. SSH over http proxy

for Fedora:

#yum install connect-proxy

then configure ~/.ssh/config

Host 202.190.*.*

ProxyCommand connect-proxy -H %h %p

ServerAliveInterval 30

then you can ssh user@ now

For Solaris 11, you just need to configure your ssh config.

HOST 202.190.*.*

ProxyCommand /usr/lib/ssh/ssh-http-proxy-connect -h -p 80 %h %p

See for more information and if you are SOCKS proxy.

  1. IMAP/SMTP over http proxy

Download and then compile it

copy the binary file to somewhere such as /usr/local/bin

then run the following

#proxytunnel -a 993 -p -d &

#proxytunnel -a 465 -p -d &

Configure Thunderbird config to localhost:{smtp,imap}port

  1. Maven over http proxy

Find the maven config. If you use yum install maven to install under Fedora, it will be in /etc/maven/settings.xml.

Fix the section. Add like the following




  1. OT. Get Emoji characters display in Fedora:
sudo yum install gdouros-symbola-fonts