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13 August 2014

Solaris notes

by Zamir

  1. Enable rsh

svcadm enable svc:/network/login:rlogin or inetadm -e rlogin

svcadm enable shell:default

  1. Configure rsh/rlogin with no password

vim ~/.rhosts , add like this



hostname username

  1. Enable root login via rlogin

vi /etc/default/login

then comment the following line


this line is to restrict root to use /dev/console only. So if this is set, root can not login from telnet/rlogin

  1. Enable root login via SSH

Firstly, we need to fix the ssh config (/etc/ssh/sshd_conf) to PermitRootLogin yes.

In Solaris 11, root is defined as a role in /etc/user_attr, so if we need to ssh as root, we need to modify this file and then change root::::type=role to root::::type=normal (if this line exists). See the following links.

5.The package ‘entire’

The summary of the package ‘entire’: incorporation to lock all system packages to the same build

It do not consist of any file, just the meta data of all package of the current build

  1. Show total memory
prtconf grep “Memory”
  1. Show CPU information

psrinfo -pv(physical and virtual)

psrinfo -p (the total number of physical core)

  1. Quit a zone



  1. Quit a ILOM

Esc (

  1. Configure Solaris to use DNS instead of NIS/ldap

#svccfg -s name-service/switch setprop config/host = astring: ‘(“files dns”)’


  1. Enable ASLR on Solaris

sxadm exec -s aslr=enable /some/program


  1. See whick package depends on library/python-2/pygobject-26

pkg search -l -H -o ‘depend:require:library/python-2/pygobject-26′