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19 September 2015

Software Freedom Day 2015 Beijing Report

by Zamir

This year there are many SFD events in China. Among them USTCLUG, TUNA and OpenCAS invited us to attend as community. However only I am free on the event day so I can just attend the events in Tsinghua University, hold by TUNA and Beijing Linux User Group.

As there is National Computer Ranking Examination on the same day with SFD each year, and there are two (or three) SFD events in Beijing, so we formerly thought there would be less than 50 people there, but we have more than 70 which filled up the whole room. We brought some Fedora 21 DVDs there and also the newly made key chain. And we find that there are even about 40 Fedora 20 DVD left there so we are also trying to distribute it as well.

For the talks, the event started with a talk by Justin Wong from TUNA, introductin the involving communities and sponsors.


Then comes the talk of Firefox by DENG Wei. The talk itself is about firefox features and so on, but we have great QA session on Fedora QA as well as it’s security mechanism in Fedora Sync.

SFD2015 FF

Tonghui introduces the philosophy of Free Software by the old Chinese philosophy stories. This is a great topic, but I see there are some new guys so many of the attendee still can not understand this clearly.


And Tom Li then delivered a talk called Encrypting your Internet. He introduced some well known encrypting and it’s weak points.

SFD2015 Biergaizi

Roger ZHOU from SUSE introduces the High Availability on Linux, in example of SUSE.


And the last is my topic about Using Ansible on Fedora. It is around the closing time so I have to speed my speech into very short time. Even though I introduced all the features in my slides and finished all my demostration.

SFD2015 Ansible

After the events, I have some thoughts.

Firstly, choosing of topics. If more students are expected to come, we should choose more technical topics so it’ll be easier for the audience. Secondly, handling of speech length. As we encounted some infrastructure issue, the event itself lasted for more time than expected. However, there are still speakers speaks longer than expected, so in the end I have to make my talk in a quick word speed. Luckily I finished my talk in the shorted time. And besides, we find DVD is really not so popular any more. So later times we still prefer to make some cheap and popular swags such as Key Chain, Badge Reel, stickers etc.

In conclusion, it is a great event today. It’s a pity that this is my last event in Beijing for this Fiscal Year. I may attend more after I come back to Beijing next Fiscal year.

(Photo from TUNA report,