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21 September 2014

Software Freedom Day 2014 Beijing Report

by Zamir

Yesterday (Sep 20), the Software Freedom Day Activity Beijing 2014 was held. It was hosted by OpenSource Club of China Academy Science (CAS) with the assistance of Beijing Linux User Group (BLUG), Beijing GNOME User Group (BJGUG) and local Fedora guys. There were more than 160 attendees. The actural attendee number will come out later by the official report. The onsite registration began at about 1 pm. The registration would be used by the lucky draw in the end.

We bring Fedora 20 Live DVD, stickers and keychain with fedora logo to the booth. There are much more people than we expected so the swags are all spread out very soon. Since the back of the keychain can be used as a mirror, not only boys but also many girls love this idea.

The event is divided into three parts. In the main hall there is the standard speech and the lightening talks. Besides there are two rooms for workshops.

I was invited to be the host of one workshop. The first section is AnjularJS by Martin. Marting is the general secretary of Beijing Linux User Gropu. He first introduces what is AnjularJS and what we need for the workshop. Then he guided the audience to code for some simple examples.

The section is Fedora QA and Teiid VDB by engineers from Red Hat Beijing. Robert Lijun Li firstly introduces how to participant in Fedora QA and Fedora test days. He also shows where can we find the information for Fedora test days. Then he talks about the career chosing between QA and coding, which is useful for guys who is interested QA. Then Xian LIU shows how to use Teiid VDB. The internet connection was not available at this time so he just makes it as a speech instead of workshop. At last Connor introduces how to protect privacy using open source technology.

In the main hall there are standard speech. Among them their are Ubuntu Kylin by Zhao Jinghui from CSIP, Firefox & Firefox OS by Mozilla, Architecture, migration and flashing the rom for OpenSource Mobile OS-Ubuntu Phone by Rex from Canonical Taiwan, OpenSource Communities of Taiwan by Rex and Tonghui(from BLUG). And then following by the Lightening talks.

In the other workshop there are Play with Seafile by LIN Shuai from Seafile, Making e-publications using Git by ZHANG Hang from GitCafe and Coding web application with Cordova in Firefox OS emulator by ZHANG Pin & XUE Dongsheng from Mozilla.

The official report, video records, photos and analysis will come out sonner.