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28 September 2016

Report for Software Freedom Day 2016 - China Academy Science

by Zamir

So it’s already SFD time this year. How time flies.

This year I am asked to present SFD in China Academy Science by the company, so unlucky I am not proper to deliver a Fedora talk then. I bring some DVDs and stickers there, as well as a roll up poster. However there are people asking questions  about Fedora so finally I still do some Q&A after the event.

SFD in China Academy Science this year is hold in Huairou Campus, suburbs of Beijing. So with another Red Hatter, Shiyang, we took train there. Their campus is not easy to find and by the time we arrived at the event it’s 10 minutes before the start of the event.

Talks started on 2:00 PM. After the hostess introduced the event, Shiyang is the first to talk. He introduces the basic usage of Git and Github. During the Q&A part of his talk, I found that in fact most students not paying much attention to distributions already. They are just users of Linux.

The following talk is openTHOS, a Android-x86 derivation. Not so many guys are have questions regarding this topic. The third topic is a startup project from their campus, which aims at utilize electroencephalogram and other biology methods for smart home. And then Linux Deepin introduces their products as well as how to contribute to open source.

I’ve been told that we always get almost no outcome for the previous events. So I am taking this into consideration. I talked with the chairman of their open source association (openCAS), and make her know that they still have a long road to make their community really into open source. I found that their mirror service stopped updates several months ago. And luckily I found their maintainer and invited him to a chat group aiming at make the mirrors united to provide better services to open source users in China. I guess  at least this is the 0.01 cents of outcome this year..