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10 December 2015

Report for Day 2 of FAD Singapore 2015

by Zamir

As we are productive Saturday, we decide to start a little late today. So we arrived at the office by around 10 AM. Then we start by each ambassador introduce the community in their country. There is a outstanding problem is, reimbursement usually takes a long time. And some area have problems in receiving money by paypal. So we talked about having another credit card in APAC. And then we talks about DVD distribution in APAC. As of strict import/export laws in China, we are not able to take DVDs into China directly. So we still need to ask Red Hat guys to send DVDs into Red Hat Beijing by company way. And Sirko mentioned that someone need to raise request for combined media so that the engineer team will take into consideration. Otherwise they will not make any combined ISO.

When it comes to my turn, I introduces the status in China. Currently most of the problems in China are internal ( China only ) as we have quiet different regulations and laws here. My introduction is mostly based on the discussion with Gerard and others before. I raised the idea of “one pager”, that is, to make a simple guideline that can be fit into a A4 size paper, to make it easier for people to start using (or contributing to) Fedora. This idea seems to be interesting to many of the attendee, so maybe this should be the most important task for the coming fiscal year then. Then woohuiren from Singapore raised their problems in Singapore by IRC. As woohuiren is still new to Fedora, I talked with him by person. It seems that most of the problems in Singapore also exists in China. So I think we should share ideas more often so that it would be useful to both of us. Also I advise him to start with small points and I think it would be easier for him.

At last we also talked about the new We talked a lot about how we should do to fit the structure into APAC which is really useful for all of us. Then coming into the decision of the role Storyteller. It seems that tuan think I can help with that. I think I can handle that job but unfortunately I am graduating this year, so I just refused. Hope I may help more after I graduated.

It was a wonderful and really productive meeting. I really wish we can make local Fedora community improving in the coming year.