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17 July 2016

Report for Day 2 of FAD Kuala Lumpur 2016

by Zamir

It’s a short day this day, as Tuan and PJP needs to catch the flight in the afternoon.

We discussed for the budget of Fiscal Year 2018. For this year, we discussed the big events for the whole APAC region first. In this way, we keep a clear idea on the priority of events we need to have. Then we discussed for smaller events. Swags and DVDs are listed separately based on the actual amount of money we spend this year.

They decided to sponsor COSCUP again for Greater China. It’s great for the community in Taiwan. However, we even do not have any guaranteed budget for mainland China this year. I have to agree for cutting the event (Fedora Connect to Chinese University) down if there is not enough budget. It’s totally a WRONG idea to have no budget for mainland. Mainland China is a big area, even a trip for ambassadors to join some events costs more than USD $200. So how can I boost up other ambassadors in mainland China without any budget? And then how can the community grow?

We still have a lot of things to do for the community.  However, I will be starting working this month and there is certainly not enough time for me.  I wish we can have some new guys in the near future.