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10 December 2015

Report for Day 1 of FAD Singapore 2015

by Zamir

Recently I went to FAD Singapore 2015. As I did not find somewhere to buy a SIM card, it really took sometime to find the hostel on my arrival.

When I arrived at the hostel, it is amazing to find that one of their staff speaks Chinese. It really saves me a lot of time as I am not good at daily English.

Saturday we arrived at Red Hat APAC office by around 9 AM. The MRT station locates just under AXA building so it did not take us much time there.

The meeting starts with the topic on how to spread Fedora in APAC as well as how to have more contributors. We all agree that we should have more events so that we can have more oppotunity to introduce Fedora. Then we talked about media. Harish mentioned that we can have live USB by bring one get one. Personally I think it is a good idea. But I am not sure if guys in China are willing to exchange thumbdrive. And also I know there are many thumbdrive of poor quality so we really need to study whether this works or not in China.

Rest of the time we are discussing the budget for next fiscal year. During the discussion, we find that we are not always know how much left till the certain time point. And so we agree to improve the process and have better ideas what events are worthwhile. Also in order to make things cheaper, we decide to gather price of each swag so that we can have better ideas on central production of swag.

It is a productive day that we finished planning the budget for the next fiscal year within one day.