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17 July 2016

Report for Day 0 and Day 1 of FAD Kuala Lumpur 2016

by Zamir

Before the event, I hope someone else from Greater China can join the FAD there. So I send out many emails to other Fedora Ambassadors within CN and TW. However, none of them can join this FAD on site. So by the last day of registration,  I decide to join.

My flight set off on 5:00 AM. It is my first time to fly by AirAsiaX. Freezing cold on the flight!  By the time I landed in KLIA2, I decide to eat something then go by myself. It is fine until I get to KL Sentral. However, I am almost lost in KL Sentral as the LRT Ampang Line is out of service that day. It took me almost an hour finding the right bus station, which is of no use. Then I got message from Izhar. Izhar decided to pick me up from KL Sentral. And also mailed to the other attendees announcing the out of service of the line. Great thanks for Izhar!

I am the first one arrived at the hotel. So I just enjoyed a talk with Izhar on how we can make the community better before going to sleep ;)

So the first day starts a little late than planned. I am responsible for the logs in IRC channel, while Izhar handle the etherpad notes. We firstly reviewed the budget report of this year so far. Then we went through the pending tickets on fedora-apac trac. We closed some due to no updates for more than 2 years. By this time, I hope the guys to review the reimbursement guidelines. Reimbursement should happen within 2 weeks after the event. So if you really kept it for too long, Fedora can decide not to reimburse you.

We then discussed the issues this year. Of course we are allocated much less budget than we expected. So we went through the budget plan and cut some of the budget there. And when mentioning FUDCon APAC, we agreed that we really need it. And in order to save budget, we hope every FUDCon APAC happen in June so that we can share the flight tickets for FUDCon APAC and FAD APAC. We have discussions on having FUDCon biannually. Personally I think it is a good idea. At least better than the times we do not have any FUDCon for years. However, we still need to have a clear idea on how this should happen.

The discussions ended around 6 PM local time. Izhar’s family invited us to have meals in his home. It’s great time there.