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29 May 2014

FUDCon Beijing 2014 Day 2

by Zamir

The rain stopped on Day 2. The first session is Systemd from Lennart Pottering. I’d like to say that it is a great topic and shows what Systemd can do as the first process in Fedora.

Having not finished, I heard that Richard Stallman arrived. So I went to our booth to help. They want a bigger booth and luckily there is one booth left, so we move to the empty booth and then RMS and Zeuux can use two booth as one.

After lunch Ankur came to me and told me that his topic is arranged in the main conference room, which is too big for a workshop. So I came to Emily and decided to open another small room for him. Next time we hold events, we will check the requirements before to make sure it fits the most.

I still came to Room 8. The host in room 8 uses Chinese so the local speakers uses Chinese as well. Tiansworld and Robert Lijun Li introduces the I18N and L10N of Fedora. Then followed with introduction of oVirt from LI Jiansheng. It would be even better if LI Jiansheng introduces oVirt in English. During the tea break, Nitesh came to me and said that he want to make his session more or less a discussion, so he need a interpreter. I agreed to translate for him.

The third session is Java ecosystem in Fedora by Jeff Zhang. Then it was Fedora Women from Nitesh.

The discussion is better than I expected. We discussed a lot on how to involve women to Fedora and more general, how to involve more people to contribute to Fedora. Robin Lee raised a good question: did you teach your girl friend to use Fedora. Actually it is good enough for every one since one’s girl friend is the woman who you talks the most to.

The closing ceremony is in the main conference room. I was lucky and prized the fan for my work.

I would like to say thank you for all the guys helps with this FUDCon for your hard work. With your help, we finally have it hold in Beijing. And I’d like to say thank you for all the speakers, it is you who makes the FUDCon happen. Thanks for the GNOME guys, without you guys the event will not be such a big event!