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29 May 2014

FUDCon Beijing 2014 Day 1

by Zamir

Day 1 starts with a bad weather. On friday it was still sunny, but today it rains. And so we guess that there will be less people than excepted.

Fedora stickers and CDs arrive this morning, so we have to cut the stickers to small pieces. My pal CJL helps Dongfengweixiao at the booth.

As I said before, it is a little confusing to find the conference hall, and, someone got lost in the building. It took me some time to find where they actually were and caught them back. Then I came to Room 8 which is for FUDCon. Nitesh introduced Fedora Video project first. And I am thinking if we can find somewhere in China to move the video easier for Chinese to view. Then Robert Mayr introduced the website. Although there are so many people developing websites, there is no guys works for the Fedora website team.

The sessions in the afternoon interestes me a lot. I am interested in Infrastructure, and luckily I find Aditya works for Infrastructure team. He introduced Ansible, which they use for managing Fedora servers. Then I introduced FirewallD as a user. I find there are so many senior System Administrators there in Room 8 so I am a little nervous. During the tea break, I talked to Aditya and asks how can I involve in the Infrastructure team as I can not attend the IRC meeting.

After the tea break, I came to the hall to deal with some WIFI issue so just listened to some bit of the sessions after that.

I am a little tired after Day 1′s event so I just walk around Beihang University and did not take part in the sports.