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29 May 2014

FUDCon Beijing 2014 Day -1 and Day 0

by Zamir

I arrived at the hotel on Thursday, May 22nd. The waitress of the hotel is not good at English so I’d have to offer help for non-Chinese speakers.

Ankur arrives late at night, and is the last Fedora people to arrive at the hotel, so I waited for him and confirmed all the arrival status of Fedora people before I go to sleep.

Friday is the day to prepare the venue. I find that it is a little confusing for attendees to find the hall, but we are not allowed to put up any kind of indicator out on the road. Besuides, since we share volunteers with GNOME.Asia, some of the volunteers are not familiar with Fedora and FUDCon while they just know GNOME well.