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18 December 2016

Fedora 25 Release Party Beijing Report

by Zamir

Last week we hold the Fedora 25 Release Party Beijing. As I am a little busy, Tonghui volunteered to be the event owner. I co-organise as coordinator and logistics.

Since it’s near winter vacation of schools, as soon as Fedora 25 released, we decide to make this happen early December. Otherwise there will hardly any student attending. So I insists to hold in the university no later than Dec 17th. So this finally happened on Dec 10th.

Well, things did not go smooth in the planning phase. We decided to hold in Peking University and unluckily they are working on another event and confirmed us only 7 days before the event, which results in a tight schedule. Then we are planning the talks. Gerard offered to deliver a talk on Fedora Atomic which sounds great. However in the morning of Dec 10, Gerard messaged me in a hurry, telling me that he have something unexpected and will arrive later than 5PM (which is already our closing time). So I have to re-arrange the schedule within hours. Luckily we finally made it.

So for the talks, first I talked about the new features in Fedora 25. I see people are interested in Fedora 25 running on ARM. They asked me a lot of questions like how is the status of running on Raspberry Pi, is 2D/3D accellactor supported etc. And when I talked about aarch64, there is even questions about hardware chosing itself. The second part of my talk is about repo of Fedora Zhongwen User Group. We have packaged some free and open source software there which is quite useful in China. Someone asked why there are many 3rd part repo for Fedora. I see this is really a confusing question for newbies, especially they do not know much about Fedora packaging guideline. Then I also introduced how to involve in Fedoraproject.

After this, Tonghui delivered a talk about what Fedora translation. He has been working on translation of GNOME and Fedora for many years and have lots of experience in this area. This time he demostrated a bit there. He thinks it is easy for people to involve in translation as a initial of contribution so he is spreading the idea of involving in translation for long.

Last the two school associations introduced themselves. PKUOSS is a FOSS association founded and is mainly made up of master candidates. PKULUG is mainly made up of university students and active on their campus BBS.

Then came to the closing. We take a group photo as usual.

Fedora 25 Release Party Group Photo

Fedora 25 Release Party Group Photo

We distributed some stickers and old DVDs there. Since there are problems importing DVDs from APAC, we decided not to import DVD any more.

I am thinking of how to avoid making the schedule a mess when someone have unexpected things happen. Maybe I should prepare a extra technical talk for later events, or add 1 extra short talk and make that talk replace the cancelled talk. Let’s just see.

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