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28 January 2015

Fedora 21 Release Party Beijing Report

by Zamir

As Fedora 21 was released, we held the release party on Jan. 24th, 2015, which leaves us enough time to wait for DVDs to arrive in China.

The party is held in Tsinghua University and Tsinghua University TUNA Association helps us for the venue. Since Hardware freedom day is Jan. 17th this year, we held the release party as a joint of HFD events. And this makes the event bigger.

A little later than 14:00 I announced the starting of the event. And then I offered a talk on What’s new in Fedora. I talked about the new feature in Fedora 21 as well as the changes for During the QA session, I was asked about the performance of DNF which I seldom use(yeah, I still use yum). And this makes me to think of using more the new features. With the help of danmaku from TUNA, attendees send their ideas on screen and it makes the event more fun.


Then following topic is Docker, by MENG Fanliang. Docker is pretty popular these days. Many people, including developers and system administrators are trying that. Fanliang talks about Docker-bucket which is really useful to us all.


And then Marianna shares how she learns Linux during her working in embedded developing.


Following, Tom Li(aka Biergaizi) shared interesting things about Smart Cards under Linux. His words are humour and it makes the whole hall laughed a lot.


At last Tonghui shows how to singing GPG keys using graphic tools such as seahorse.


Since it starts to snow later in the afternoon, some guys hurried home without waiting for group photo. But the event results to be a great success in total.


Thanks to TUNA for helping with the venue. Thanks for BLUG of co-organizing the event. And special thanks for Grace Liu from Red Hat Beijing who helps us promote Fedora 21 Release Party within Red Hat China.

The photo is selected from @BeijingLUG.