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1 July 2015

Report for Day 2 of Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2015

by Zamir

The second starts with the keynote from Jonathan Corbet. He talked about the kernel. Clearly that the kernel code is becoming more and more complex as it’s growing. And there are more and more contributors to the kernel but still many things to be done. One of them is the 2038 bug. Then I came to the talks of SITCON in Taiwan. SITCON is a full student community. It was formed by FLOSS guys and communities with a simple idea of to hold a conference of the students, by the students, for the students. So they have ideas on how to involve students into FLOSS. That is also what we want to know so that we can involve more students into Fedora if possible.

During meal time, I have a talk with an engineer from Red Hat Hong Kong. He is interested in Fedora and also want to involve in it during his day job. I talked with him about the current status and some projects Fedora is doing.

After mean I just prepare for my talk. During the QA session of my talk, a packager came to ask what if the package have a complex dependency for components in other Rings in the ring model. I thought it was still in discussion so I advise to keep an eye on the dev and env&stacks mailing list to know the newest status. And it is great to see we still have some active contributor in Hong Kong.

At night we came to a bar to enjoy some drinks. I talked with François about the status of FOSS in France and also events in Hong Kong and France. He told me that there are few communities in France. Most FOSS events there are enterprise or not for profit organizations  driven. It is almost the same in Hong Kong as I hear from Sammy that even they do not have regular activities in Hong Kong Linux User  Group.

In total we distributed about 150 pieces of DVDs. The left I offered to Hong Kong Linux User Group so that they will help spread the message of Fedora in later events.