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26 June 2015

Report for Day 0 of Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2015

by Zamir

Arrived at Hong Kong by a little late than 4 PM today, we hurried to check-in to the hotel first. It seems that mandarin is not public acceptable here in Hong Kong. So we should use English in many situations.

Then I set off for the pre-event. It starts at 7:00 PM as a social talks. And people are so enjoying in social that the dinner starts pretty late.


pre-event of HKOSCon 2015 hkoscon2015-2

During the social time, I talked with some guys about Fedora. One of the local guy thinks Fedora is pretty good at Desktop. So he still uses it a lot. And he told me that there used to be a lot of Fedora activities. But nowadays Fedora shows up less than before so there are not so many activities.

I also have a talk with an engineer from Red Hat Hong Kong. He told me that he is a daily Fedora user and he really enjoys a lot. And in his view many guys in Hong Kong expect Fedora ARM for open source boards such as (especially Raspberry Pi). As too many parts of Raspberry Pi only ships with proprietary drivers only so it does not meet the guideline of Fedora.

During a talk with Poren from SITCON from Taiwan, he told me that workshop is a great way to attract new guys in Taiwan. I think it is a good idea and maybe we can have more workshop events later in mainland.

We also talked a lot during the meal. And it’s really great to hear different ideas. Hope it will be a wonderful day for the following events.