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2 December 2014

BLUG Carnival 2014

by Zamir

Last Saturday (Nov.29, 2014) we had a joint event with BLUG and other communities.

Formerly called The UFO conference (aka, Ubuntu/Fedora/openSUSE Conference), now it is called Beijing GNU/Linux User Group Carnival. This year it happens to be held together with the 12th anniversary of BLUG. So we had the Carnival in the afternoon and then head for anniversary party at night.

The event is held as a hackfest. There are 5 hackfest sessions and 1 talks. Local Fedora guys held 2 out of the 5 hackfest session. Among them I lead the session of Building PXE server on Raspbarry Pi and BB Black. I am thinking about helding it as an install fest before. But Alick told me that local guys do not like install fest that much, so I just make the preparation section into a hackfest. There is a translation hackfest lead by Tonghui and Alick. In this section they are doing the translation for and others. Alick guided Pany and another guy into trans-zh_cn for Fedora.

In my opinion, this is a success event. We build my Raspbarry Pi into a PXE server and find more guy to help the local community.

At the dinning party, Alick and I talked the preparatin for Fedora 21 Release Party. We decide to hold it in some university campus to attract more people. We are now planning for that.

The official announce of the event is here: